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Default Re: You did what in my pool!?!?!

Driftveil Gym Battle
Leader Wintervines vs Banditos

BW Revo
Slp/Frz/OHKO/Evasion Clauses

WV: Mamoswine, Flygon, Swampert
Bandi: Cloyster, Sceptile, Vaporeon, Weavile

Mamo took care of Cloyster, being assisted by its Thick Fat and the Sp Def drop on Cloyster from Shell Break. Mamo took out Vaporeon too with a little help from Swampert. Flygon + Mamo took out Sceptile, and the SR set up by Swampert assisted Mamo in KOing Weavile with Superpower.

WV: 2k
Bandi: 1k
Me: 2k

Wages: 51k
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