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Default Re: Casual ASBL Discussion/Suggestions

Originally Posted by Dino View Post
I think you did a very good job with this. ;)

One suggestion I would make is this.
Perhaps we could come up with a way in which the trainers battling did the roleplay, instead of the ref typing it up. I don't know how this would go about, but it might provide a fun option for those of which would want to.
I was just about to suggest this as well. But, I'm talking about safari zone, not battles. Battles are just fine :)

The trainer could roleplay what his/her Pokemon would like to do, and add some extra stuff here and there. Then, the ref/ranger would type up what happens exactly in the battle, based on what the trainers want specifically. You see, if the trainers roleplay it out, the refs/rangers would know what the trainer wants his/her Pokemon to do. It would be kind of hard to know what the trainer wants exactly, especially if he/she tries to do combos.

Also, perhaps, if the trainer really puts some effort into roleplaying, he/she could get some kind of reward--like increase in chance of capture/more damage done to the wild Pokemon, etc.. The only restriction is, the trainers are not allowed to say if the attacks hit or not, they can't also say if the Pokeball captured the Pokemon or not. Speaking of throwing balls, that reminds me of the options. Maybe the ranger could roleplay that out as well, if he/she wants (like it could give them a small bonus or something).

I have another suggestion. How about some contests? As in Coordinator contests?

Thank you for listening!