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Originally Posted by gmandiddy View Post
The Dream Center


I bring to you a new idea which could help a lot of people. When you sign up you place a really useless ability on your Pokemon or you have a Pokemon with two useful abilities and can't decide which one to choose. Well at the Dream Center you can have a possibility to change your Pokemon's ability for a small fee. That's not all, with the release of Black and White, they have introduced B/W Abilities. Some Pokemon are lucky and can have a possibility of 3 abilities for you to choose from. Here at the Dream Center you can let your Pokemon sleep and obtain one of these Abilities. Along with the B/W Abilities, they have implemented some special moves for certain Pokemon. You can learn these new moves at the Dream Center along with the B/W Ability.


~~Change your Ability (Not B/W) :- $10
~~Change to your B/W Ability :- $12
~~Learn your Special Attack :- $14


1. When purchased an Ability or Move, you must write the learned move down in your stats or change your ability. If not caught, this may be picked up as cheating.
2. The Pokemon sent to the Dream Center must not be involved in any battles or Safari Run. Again if caught, you will lose the ability / move
3. There is no limit on how many times you can re-obtain the Ability
4. You may online learn the Special Move your Pokemon learns, all attacks can be found here
5. You must wait until a cashier approves the purchase before using it

Thank You for listening, I am open to any suggestions on how to make the idea better. I am not sure on the price whether it is suitable.
Hm... the abilities I'm all signed off on, but no actual teaching is required for the Dream World moves. In ASB rules, if they can learn the move, they can use it.

In any case, you're approved for ability switching by both myself and Paperfairy (who agreed via IM).

EDIT: you still need 3m0d0ll or Iridium to approve.
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