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Default Re: Signature Moves

Originally Posted by IceKyurem View Post
[Evelyn] Eevee (female)
Signature Move: Temporary Evolution
Description: Evelyn, like all other Eevees, has unstable genetic makeup, allowing evolution into many different Pokemon. However, Evelyn's genetic makeup is more unstable than that of regular Eevees, allowing her to temporarily evolve once a battle. She will transform back into an Eevee at the end of the battle, though.

When transformed, Evelyn counts as the Eeveelution she is transformed into, not an Eevee. That means she can use moves her new form knows, but just for the battle Temporary Evolution is used in.
Type: Normal | Damage: 0 | Accuracy: 100% | Classification: Status | Energy Cost: 10
Effects: Transforms user into one of the seven Eeveelutions, chosen by owner of the user/RNG.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

I hope this is OK, since this is pretty much what a Ditto can do, but with 7 possibilities instead of 648.

Also, if Evelyn evolves permenantly, this move has no effect.
Hmm... no way I'm approving this if it's chosen by the owner, but by the RNG, that actually makes for an interesting wildcard attack, particularly since if you get the wrong type it can make things much worse. I'll approve the RNG controlled version.

Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
[Huff] (Male)
Ability: White Smoke
Signature Move: *huff* *huff* *huff*
Description: Huff is a particularly old Torkoal. Nobody had any intention of taking one at his old age, because of the age limit of Pokémon. They lived until 100 years old, and this Torkoal was 102. Now, Torkoal, from the age of 80 onwards produce four times the number of smoke. Of course, Huff has been producing a lot of smoke, and he's not ready to run out for a very long time. Huff was born with far too much smoke in his body, though.

During battle, he can pump out overwhelming amounts of smoke. The smoke a Torkoal produces is not necessarily as black as normal smoke, so anyone can see, it's just like mist. Huff uses this smoke to his advantage, and when he is ordered to use this signature move, he will wait for the opponent's Pokémon to move, and just when the move is about to strike, Huff will puff out a huge amount of smoke that will dampen the attack's damage by 1. The smoke will cause minor burns and the heat may damage the enemy a little.
Type: Fire | Damage: 4 | Accuracy: 80% | Classification: Special | Energy Cost: 9
Effects: Burns opposing Pokémon for 2 turns.
Usage Gap: Once per battle, so Huff can get more smoke into his system.
Ditto what Paperfairy said.
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