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Default Re: Signature Moves

[Evelyn] Eevee (female)
Signature Move: Temporary Evolution
Description: Evelyn, like all other Eevees, has unstable genetic makeup, allowing evolution into many different Pokemon. However, Evelyn's genetic makeup is more unstable than that of regular Eevees, allowing her to temporarily evolve once a battle. She will transform back into an Eevee at the end of the battle, though.

When transformed, Evelyn counts as the Eeveelution she is transformed into, not an Eevee. That means she can use moves her new form knows, but just for the battle Temporary Evolution is used in.
Type: Normal | Damage: 0 | Accuracy: 100% | Classification: Status | Energy Cost: 10
Effects: Transforms user into one of the seven Eeveelutions, chosen by owner of the user/RNG.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

I hope this is OK, since this is pretty much what a Ditto can do, but with 7 possibilities instead of 648.

Also, if Evelyn evolves permenantly, this move has no effect.
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