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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

OOC: Whoops. And Female please

IC: As the attack neared the Ferroseed, Togekiss turned around and gave me a quizzical look. I didn't understand why she was confused- had I said something wrong? Then it struck me- I had said Ferrothorn instead of Ferroseed. Whoops. I turned my attention back to the Ferroseed to see the electricity striking it. Ferroseed trembled a little bit as the electricity sunk in through the rings in its armor, paralyzing it, but it wasn't too worried by the attack. Its body began to glow, like burning magnesium (OOC: okay I've been studying too much chemistry). The light shot out of its body and moved in front of it, first in the form of a ball of light, then solidifying as it approached Togekiss into a small silver missile. The attack was surprisingly swift- Togekiss had no time to react as the missile rapidly zoomed closer to her face. About a foot in front of her face, the missile suddenly exploded! I could see Togekiss's face was lit up by the attack, and she fell to the ground, surprised by the attack. She recovered soon enough, and after flapping her wings a few times, was back up in the air. I could see on her face that she was squinting a little bit- this wasn't good.

"Alright, Togekiss, don't let that get you down. Use Aura Sphere!" I ordered. Although her accuracy had been dropped, Aura Sphere was incredibly accurate- and since Ferroseed was paralyzed, its movement would be impaired, so it wouldn't be able to dodge much. Togekiss acknowledged my order, and began to flap her wings more quickly than she was before. The flapping of her wings caused dirt to fly up all around her, and it scattered the few leaves that hadn't been blown away when I had sent her out. In front of her body, a blue sphere was beginning to form. It started out small, about the size of a baseball, but it quickly grew in size to be about the size of a basketball. It had a reassuring glow about it- I felt like I could just stare into it for hours. Togekiss didn't let the attack linger in front of her for long. She did a little back flip in the air, leaving the ball hanging in midair, and on her way out of the loop, she gave one powerful flap of her wings, sending the Aura Sphere rocketing towards the shiny egg.
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