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Default Re: Linchy’s Writing No-no’s – Imputting Information and History

She wasn't saying the last one was a bad thing, just that it could be done badly. Really, nearly anything could, it's all about how you do it.
I know many of my favorite writers go off into endless detail sometimes, but they do it with a very active voice. Sometimes they even make fun of themselves. I find that very interesting to read.

I love flashbacks, not in the way where you just flashback, but the way they do it in movies: Where a scene or something that adds ether info or emotional weight to the here and now is actually skipped over very much on a thinking level, and then is weaved back in at high points to flesh out the tone :3.
Those are the sort of flashbacks I use very often, since they are active and dramatic, not just, say, a tiny flash with the sound of gunfire and screaming...
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