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Default Re: [EXHIBITION] OPEN: 3m0d0ll VS paperfairy (Single,2)

Round Eight


Deoxys (-)
Defense Forme
HP: 61
Energy: 7
Conditions: Airborne, Iron Defense (DEF+2)
Moves: Thunder Wave~Mirror Coat


Latios (♂)
Ability: Levitate
Stats: 2 Rare Candy (+2 EXP), 2 Iron (+2 DEF), 2 Zinc (+2 SPDEF), 2 Carbos (+2 SPD), and 2 Calcium (+2 SPATK)
Thunder Wave/Double Team~Dragon Pulse

Chagrined by the loss of her beloved purple bug with lasers, 3m0 calls in the big guns, releasing the mighty Latios. The great Psychic dragon bellows, first a war cry, and then a cry of pain as the many stones floating around it scrape against its body. It huffs at the indignity and floats out of the field of rocks.

The two Pokemon stare each other down, Deoxys with a face of impassiveness and Latios with a cool scowl. The signs of battle indicate that it is not the first Pokemon on its team to fight this Deoxys, and therefore it was up to the Dragon to avenge whoever came before. Blue electricity sparked into life and expanded along its wings, crackling merrily. Deoxys, noting what was coming, did the same, repeating its earlier show from its Thunderwave against Genesect. Both enemies eyes meet, glowing an identical shade of blue, and the attacks are launched simultaneously. The waves of energy pass through each other, appearing as a tangled mass of blue jagged thread, and then continue on their merry way to the targets. The energy engulfs Deoxys and Latios, causing both to spasm heavily. Their muscles and nervous systems rendered impotent, both ignore their second instructions in favor of working to get control of their bodies back.


Deoxys (-)
Defense Forme
HP: 61
Energy: 4
Conditions: Airborne, Iron Defense (DEF+2). Paralyzed


Latios (♂)
HP: 87
Energy: 95
Conditions: Airborne, Paralyzed. Vengeance driven.

Stealth rocks damage: 13
Deoxys-Thunder Wave (Latios PAR'd. Energy cost: 2)
Latios-Thunder Wave (rolled 72, 50 or lower for PAR. Deoxys PAR'd. Energy cost: 2)
Latios-Dragon Pulse (rolled 8, 50 or lower to PAR. Energy cost: 3)
Deoxys-Mirror Coat (rolled 4, 50 or lower to PAR. Energy cost: 1)
Arena Notes-Rocks are floating where 3m0's Pokemon are released.
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