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Default Re: will dawn and brock come back

Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
Brock has become a little worn out.... mostly because they kept him in the series too long. I just wish Misty would come back and be with Ash again.

As for Dawn I could honestly care less about her. She wasn't that well developed she was just there so the writers could have both contests and battle episodes. Brock would probably be liked if he just had a better purpose than cook for ash and (insert other person here). I remember when he actually matured as a breeder but now they just stagnate him in every episode. Sigh... maybe I'm still not over the big split up after Johto its just those three characters had a working formula for the series and they actually matured.
You are my hero when it comes to this post, that is exactly the way I feel. Why work so hard to find a formula that works, and wasn't stale, and completely rip it apart?

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