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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky


Ranger Chainy


The blue swirling that encased my vision began to fade as we reached our destination. The world untwisted and the knot in my stomach loosened as my feet landed on hard ground. As I wobbled a little bit - no one in the world was completely unaffected by teleportation - I heard a thud behind me. I turned to look and I saw my Trainer standing there, looking embarrassed, with a big machine of some sort at his feet.

"Hi! Uh, I was trying to get my Pokeplayer to work, and I already put the Ferroseed Voice Disk in, but it's not doing anything, and yeah..." he said, speaking quite fast. "Oh, I'm Bob by the way, nice to meet you." He held out his hand for me to shake.

I stepped forward and grasped it warmly, giving it a firm shake. Either the rumours about this guy were false, or he didn't cloak himself in authority like most famous Park visitors did. Either way, it was a pleasant surprise.

"Hey, my name is James and this is Dual," I replied, gesturing to the Gallade standing behind me. "Need some help getting your thing working?"

I stooped down to pick up the machine, and I realised it was one of the old-fashioned Pokeplayers, the ones that looked like small stereo systems as opposed to compact circular walkmans. This guy must have been in the Park a loooooong time ago. Fortunately, I knew of the old systems, and I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong.

"In these old models, the tray retraction system often jams," I said to Bob, picking the Pokeplayer up. I turned it onto its side and sure enough, the tray holding the disc was just sticking out. I gingerly poked at the small piece of plastic that was impeding the movement of the tray, and it slipped back into position, taking a bit of my finger with it. I quickly handed the large radio-like device to Bob, and stuck my finger in my mouth.

"And that's why they were retired," I said ruefully. "Anyway, ready to head out? Where do you want to go, like the actual gardens, or the glasshouses, or picnic area, or somewhere else? Don't forget to actually press play on the device if you want to start it working."


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Bob Miller
Location: Botanical Gardens
Area Effects: 15 Encounters Remaining
Pokemon Encountered: N/A
Pokemon Captured: N/A
CC since last Encounter: 1977

Pokemon Statistics:

Gentle Female Togekiss 100% (TM Flamethrower ; TM HP Grass ; TM Thunder Wave ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Attract ; TM Water Pulse ; TM Protect ; TM Roost ; TM Shock Wave ; TM Psychic ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Double Team ; TM Substitute ; TM Psych Up ; TM Fire Blast ; TM Reflect ; TM Light Screen ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Rest ; TM Swagger ; TM Defog ; HM Flash ; EM Nasty Plot ; EM Psycho Shift ; EM Heal Bell ; EM Tri-Attack ; EM Trick

Jolly Genderless Bronzong 100% (TM Trick Room; TM Charge Beam; TM Flash Cannon; TM HP Fighting ; TM Stealth Rock ; TM Protect ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Earthquake ; TM Explosion ; TM Calm Mind ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Rock Slide ; TM Rest ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Toxic ; TM Light Screen ; TM Reflect ; TM Rock Tomb ; TM Psych Up ; TM Psychic ; TM Rock Polish ; TM Substitute ; TM Solarbeam ; TM Return ; TM Double Team ; TM Sandstorm ; TM Skill Swap ; TM Swagger ; HM FlasH ; EM Trick ; EM Zen Headbutt ; EM Iron Head <Levitate Ability>)

Jolly Male Yanmega 100% (TM Roost ; TM HP Ice ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Substitute ; TM Giga Drain ; TM Psychic ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Attract ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Defog ; TM Flash; EM Whirlwind ; EM Reversal <Speed Boost Ability>)

Item Statistics:

Type Repellent x3
Hyper Ball x2
Park Ball x10
Hyper Repellant
Ferroseed Voice Disk x2
Durant Voice Disk

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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