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Originally Posted by IceKyurem View Post
Darn it, I forgot to change the ability when swapping Phione for Tsutarja!

[Twrappy] Trapinch (Male)
Ability: Hypa Cutta!

[Tsu] Tsutarja (Female)
Ability: Overgrow

[Evelyn] Eevee (Female)
Ability: Adaptability

Also, do we have to use the English names for Generation V Pokemon?
Accepted. The answer is no but I promise you'll annoy the living **** out of me pretty quickly if do you.

Originally Posted by sammy0295 View Post
[Vapor] Eevee (Female)
Ability: Adaptability
[Jolt] Eevee (Male)
Ability: Adaptability
[Flare] Eevee (Female)
Ability: Adaptability

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