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Default Your Black/White Team?

I remember a thread like this in the HG/SS section, it's good for keeping and updating a post on your team to show people!

So what have you chosen, and why?

As for me:

Level 81

The only Pokemon I actually really liked when I first saw the complete Pokedex... I love it to death now, to the point where I'm doodling it on my Maths work.

Level 78

I thought this guy was pretty cool when I saw the Dex online. Caught a few Axews and just used one!

Level 70

I used to have a Scolipede here, but I decided it wasn't worth it. Needed a flying type way too much.

Level 80

I hated this so much when I first saw it online, but it's a damn beast in the game and was the only decent fire type imo. I only used my Pansear for a few battles.

Level 77

Wasn't originally planned, but I do love the Steel type and when I came across a Drilbur I switched out my Gurdurr in favour of it. Pretty cool guy!

Level 79

Damn, Joltiks are cute and menacing. Galvantula, not so much, but hey, it's the best Electric type in the game imo! xD

I'll make this all fancy later. :P

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