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Default Help with Dratini?

I decided very recently I wanted to add a Dragonite to my team. However, I would like to try to learn to EV train and I was hoping this could be my first product.
For my spot in the game, I have beaten all 8 Kanto and Johto gyms but haven't defeated the Elite Four the second time yet. (Haven't cared to try yet, hahah.)

Anyway, I got a level 40 Dratini in the Dragon's Den earlier today and haven't touched it yet as to not spoil the potential EV training.
It's stats are as follows:
Male / Brave Nature (+ Attack - Speed + Sp Defense)
Attack 71
Defense 48
Sp. Attack 53
Sp. Defense 52
Speed 50
Level 40

Should I:
a) raise this Dratini
b) look for another level 40 of a specific nature
c) look for a level 15 of a specific nature
d) try to get the extremespeed level 15 of a specific nature
e) breed for a Dratini of a specific nature?

Also, related more to my unfamiliarity with EV training:
a) What stats should I EV train him for?
b) Where is the best place to do this? (just recommendatory places )
c) Will his high level effect the EV training?

Sorry for such a long post. Thanks for your help!

Edit: Forgot to mention this is in Soul Silver. Not very smart on my part but context clues could have lead you do it anyway.

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