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Default Moves List P - R


#327|Pain Split|Normal|n/a|n/a|20|Other|1 and S|
Combine both User and Enemy Pokémon’s real HP and divide by 2 to get their new HP. You have to use the raw health, not the 10/10 score.
{Example: Pikachu with 200/273 (7.3/10) and Misdreavus with 50/323 (1.5/10). 200 + 50 = 250 / 2 =125. New HP for Pikachu 125/273 (4.6/10) and Misdreavus 125/323 (3.9/10).}

#328|Pay Day|Normal|40|100%|20|Physical|1|
No effect.

Power doubles as long as the target moves first, even if it isn't attacking. Doesn't deal double damage if target switches.

No effect

#331|Perish Song|Normal|n/a|n/a|5|Other|4|
After three turns, all Pokémon that were affected when Perish Song was used, faint. Affected Pokémon can switch out normally or use U-Turn to be released from Perish Song’s effects. Using Baton Pass will pass Perish Song onto the new Pokémon.

#332|Petal Dance|Grass|120|100%|10|Special|R|
Attacks random Enemy Pokémon for 2-3 turns. User Pokémon gains CONFUSE at the end.

#333|Pin Missile|Bug|14|85%|20|Physical|1|
Hits 2-5 times. Roll one time for accuracy first, then a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

If Enemy Pokémon is holding any kind of Berry, the User Pokémon takes it and uses it immediately. If the Enemy is holding a Jaboca or Rowap Berry, the Berry has no effect, but is still removed. If the Enemy is holding a Tanga Berry, it activates and reduces the damage of Bug Bite before it can be stolen. If an Embargoed Pokémon uses Bug Bite on a Pokémon holding a Berry, the Berry is destroyed without being activiated.

#335|Poison Fang|Poison|50|100%|15|Physical|1|
30% chance to gain TOXIC.

#336|Poison Gas|Poison|n/a|90%|40|Other|1|

#337|Poison Jab|Poison|80|100%|2|Physical|1|
30% chance to gain POISON.

#338|Poison Sting|Poison|15|100%|35|Physical||
30% chance to gain POISON.

#339|Poison Tail|Poison|50|100%|25|Physical|1|
12.5% chance for a Critical Hit. 10% chance to gain POISON.


No effect.

#342|Powder Snow|Ice|40|100%|25|Special|2|
10% chance to gain FROZEN.

#343|Power Gem|Rock|70|100%|20|Special|1|
No effect.

#344|Power Split|Psychic|n/a|n/a|10|Other|?|
Averages the user's original Attack and SpAtk stats with the target's. Stat boosts are not factored into this. Any stat boosts are applied afterwards, to the averaged stats. The split stats are retained even if one Pokemon switches out, until both Pokemon switch out.

#345|Power Swap|Psychic|n/a|n/a|10|Other|1|
User Pokémon swaps ATTACK and SPECIAL ATTACK boosts/drops with Enemy Pokémon. Not the actual stats themselves, only if they were boosted/drops by another attack. For example, ATTACK +3.

#346|Power Trick|Psychic|n/a|n/a|10|Other|S|
User Pokémon swaps its own ATTACK and DEFENSE raw Stats, NOT BOOSTS.

#347|Power Whip|Grass|120|85%|10|Physical|1|
No effect.

Enemy Pokémon is either hit by 40, 80, or 120 damage or gains 80 health. Calculate 80 health as if it were 80 damage without applying effectiveness.

Prevents damage from attacks. Feint hits through Protect. Lock-on, Mind Reader, and No Guard give moves (100 - move accuracy)% chance to his through Protect. OHKO moves will always fail, even with Lock-on, Mind Reader, or No Guard.
Moves not prevented are: Acupressure, Curse (Ghost type), Doom Desire, Future Sight, Imprison, Perish Song, Psych Up, Role Play, Transform
If used successfully consecutively, Detect/Protect/Endure’s succession rate becomes 50% each turn. {Priority +4}

10% chance to gain CONFUSE.

#351|Psych Up|Normal|n/a|n/a|10|Other|1 and S|
Copies the target's stat changes.

10% chance to lower SPECIAL DEFENSE -1.

#353|Psycho Boost|Psychic|140|90%|5|Special|1|
User Pokémon lowers SPECIAL ATTACK -2.

#354|Psycho Cut|Psychic|70|100%|20|Physical|1|
12.5% chance for a Critical Hit.

#355|Psycho Shift|Psychic|n/a|90%|10|Other|1|
Transfers POISON, TOXIC, SLEEP, PARALYZE, or BURN to Enemy Pokémon. Fails if Enemy Pokémon is already under a Status effect.

Deals physical damage but substitutes the user's Special Attack in the damage formula instead of their Attack. Is reflected by Mirror Coat and has it's damage halved by Light Screen.

Despite being classified as Special move, this move calculates damage using the user's Special Attack and the opponent's Defense stat.

Randomly deals 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 or 150 damage.

Power depends on Enemy Pokémon's stats. Its original base power is 60. However, if the target has any boosted stats (stats that have been reduced are ignored), then its power is multiplied by (1 + 0.25x) for each stat, where x is the number of levels in each boosted stat. For example, a Pokémon that has used Calm Mind twice will have four boosted levels - two in Special Attack, two in Special Defense. Therefore Punishment's new base power will be 60 * (1 + 0.25(2)) * (1 + 0.25(2)) = 60 * 1.5 * 1.5 = 135. Max is 200. Stat drops are not counted.

If Enemy Pokémon is switched out, or uses Baton Pass or U-Turn, Pursuit attacks first and deals twice as much damage to Enemy Pokémon.


The target of Quash will act last in that turn, provided it has not yet acted.

#362|Quick Attack|Normal|40|100%|30|Physical|1|
Always attacks first. {Priority +1}

#363|Quick Guard|Fighting|n/a|n/a|15|Other|?|
{Priority+3} Protects all Pokémon on the user's side of the field from enemy attacks that have increased priority, such as Quick Attack or Aqua Jet, but does not block moves that have been given priority through Mischievous Heart.
If used in succession, Detect/Protect/Endure/Wide Guard/Fast Guard’s accuracy becomes 50%.

#364|Quiver Dance|Bug|n/a|n/a|20|Other|?|
Raises the user's Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed stats by one stage each.


User Pokémon’s gains Attack +1 if successfully attacked by Enemy Pokémon after using Rage, and gains boosts for as long as User consecutively uses Rage. User loses Attack boost when Rage ends.

#366|Rage Power|Bug|n/a|n/a|20|Other|?|
{Priority+3} Forces opposing Pokémon to target the user rather than the user's partner during double battles, as well as triple battles, where it only affects adjacent targets. If the user's partner is switching out, Rage Powder will not divert an opponent from using Pursuit on its partner. Does not stop the effects of moves which hit multiple Pokémon in a battle. This effect ends on the user switches out.

#367|Rain Dance|Water|n/a|n/a|5|Other|4|
Summons a Rain Storm that lasts for 5 turns. See RAINY weather.

#368|Rapid Spin|Normal|20|100%|40|Physical|1|
Removes User Pokémon from the following effects: Bind, Whirlpool, Clamp, Sand Tomb, Magma Storm, Fire Spin, Wrap, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, and Leech Seed.

#369|Razor Leaf|Grass|55|95%|25|Physical|2|
12.5% chance for a Critical Hit.

#370|Razor Shell|Water|75|95%|10|Physical|?|
50% chance to lower DEFENSE -1.

#371|Razor Wind|Flying|80|100%|10|Special|2|
12.5% chance for a Critical Hit. Gathers strength first turn, and attacks second turn.

Recover 50% HP.

User Pokémon may use a Holding Item a second time. Doesn’t recycle if Item was lost from Covet, Knock Off, Switcheroo, Thief, or Trick. Does recycle if Item was lost from Fling, Natural Gift, Bug Bite, or Pluck. Fails if User is holding an Item.

Halves the amount of damage from Physical attacks on User Pokémon for 5 turns. In Double Battles, damage is 2/3 reduced and affects both User and Ally. Reflect can be broken by Brick Break. Critical Hits ignore Reflect.

#375|Reflect Type|Normal|n/a|n/a|15|Other|?|
Changes the user's type to match the type or types of the target.


#377|Relic Song|Normal|75|100%|10|Special|?|
Deals damage and has a 10% chance of putting the target to sleep. Hits all opponents in double battles and hits all adjacent opponents in triple battles. When used by Meloetta in battle, it will also cause it to change between its Aria and Pirouette Formes.

Recover full HP, cures BURN, PARALYZE, POISON, TOXIC. Gain SLEEP for 2 turns. CONFUSE is not removed.

Power doubles if a Pokémon from the user's party has fainted previous turn.

The more User Pokémon likes you, the more damage this attack does.

Power doubles if User Pokémon takes damage this turn. Always attacks last. {Priority -3}

The less HP User Pokémon has, the more damage Reversal does.

From 68% to 100% 20 Power
From 35% to 67% 40 Power
From 21% to 34% 80 Power
From 10% to 20% 100 Power
From 4% to 9% 150 Power
From .1% to 3% 200 Power

Enemy Pokémon is scared away and another Pokémon is randomly forced out. Fails against Ingrain, Suction Cups, and Soundproof. Always attacks last. {Priority -6}

#384|Roar Of Time|Dragon|150|90%|5|Special |1|
Attacks first turn. Must recharge second turn, can’t be switched out.

#385|Rock Blast|Rock|25|90%|10|Physical|1|
Hits 2-5 times. Roll one time for accuracy first, then a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

#386|Rock Climb|Normal|90|85%|20|Physical|1|
20% chance to gain CONFUSE.

#387|Rock Polish|Rock|n/a|n/a|20|Other|S|
Gain SPEED +2.

#388|Rock Slide|Rock|75|90%|10|Physical|2|
30% chance to FLINCH.

#389|Rock Smash|Fighting|40|100%|15|Physical|1|
50% chance to lower DEFENSE -1.

#390|Rock Throw|Rock|50|90%|15|Physical|1|
No effect.

#391|Rock Tomb|Rock|50|80%|10|Physical|1|
Lower SPEED -1.

#392|Rock Wrecker|Rock|150|90%|5|Physical|1|
Attacks first turn. Must recharge second turn, can’t be switched out.

#393|Role Play|Normal|n/a|n/a|10|Other|S|
User Pokémon’s Ability changes to Enemy Pokémon’s Ability.

#394|Rolling Kick|Fighting|60|85%|15|Physical|1|
30% chance to FLINCH.

Attack consecutively for 5 turns or until it misses. Each turn the power increases: 30->60->120->240->480. If User Pokémon has used Defense Curl, the power is doubled: 60->120->240->480->960.

#396|Roost| Flying | 0 | N/A | 10 | Other | Self |
Recover 50% HP. If User Pokémon is a Flying type, the Flying type is ignored for the rest of the turn. A pure Flying-type using Roost will become a Normal type for the rest of that turn. If User Pokemon isn't a Flying-type, the secondary effect of Roost is ignored. Pokémon with Levitate are not affected. Dual-type Pokémon do retain their other type.

#397|Round| Normal|60|100%|15|Special|?|
Power doubles if another ally used it first in the same turn of a Double/Triple Battle. Furthermore, every ally Pokemon that used Round will move immediately after the fastest Pokemon to use Round, regardless of their Speed.

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