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Default Moves List E - F


#126|Earth Power|Ground|90|100%|10|Special|1|
10% chance to lower SPECIAL DEFENSE -1.

Double Power if the Enemy Pokémon used Dig.

#128|Echoed Voice|Normal|40|100%|15|Special|?|
Deals damage, and the base power is increased when used consecutively. The base power increases by 40 with each use but reaches a maximum power at 200. In double and triple battles, the power increases if used consecutively by the user's teammates.

#129|Egg Bomb|Normal|100|75%|10|Physical|1|
No effect.

#130|Electro Ball|Electric|Varies|100%|10|Special|?|
Power depends on the Speed of the user and the target.
  • 150 base power, if target´s speed is lower or equal to 1/4 (25%) of user´s speed
  • 120 base power, if target´s speed is greater than 1/4 (25%) of user´s speed and lower or equal to 1/3 (33%) of user´s speed
  • 80 base power, if target´s speed is greater than 1/3 (33%) of user´s speed and lower or equal to 1/2 (50%) of user´s speed
  • 60 base power, if target´s speed is greater than 1/2 (50%) of user´s speed

Lowers the target's Speed stat by one stage. Hits all opponents in double battles and all adjacent opponents in triple battles.

Enemy Pokémon and Trainer can't use Items for 5 turns, or until it switches out. If an Embargoed Pokémon uses Bug Bite or Pluck on a Pokémon holding a Berry, the Berry is eaten but not activated.

10% chance to gain BURN.

Makes Enemy Pokémon repeat its last attack for 3 turns. Encore will fail under the following circumstances; if Enemy Pokémon hasn’t selected an attack since switching in; failed an attack due to status or recharging; if the affected move is Transform, Mimic, Sketch, Mirror Move, Encore, or Struggle; or if the affected move has zero PP remaining. Baton Pass and U-Turn cab be Encored, if the Pokémon switching in knows the attack. Encore ends if the attack runs out of PP, or if User Pokémon switches. If an Encored Pokémon cannot legally selected the affected move, they will be forced to use Struggle until the effects ends. Mirror Move cannot be encored.
-When Encore targets most Call Moves (moves that use other moves), the Call Move is fixed. Examples include Me First, Metronome, and Sleep Talk.
-An Encored Sleep Talk will fail every time it is executed.
-An Encored Metronome will still be able to call out different moves every turn.

Damage is equal to Enemy Pokémon’s current HP minus User Pokémon’s current HP. Endeavor fails if User Pokémon’s HP is higher. It's not affected by types, but fails against ghosts.

If an attack would have done enough damage to cause the user to faint, it instead leaves them with 1 HP. Doom Desire will KO through Endure.
If used successfully consecutively, Detect/Protect/Endure’s succession rate becomes 50% each turn. {Priority +4}

#137|Energy Ball|Grass|80|100%|10|Special|1|
10% chance to lower SPECIAL DEFENSE -1.

Temporarily changes the target's ability to match the user's. It does not work on Pokémon with the Truant, Daruma Mode or Multitype abilities.

Power decreases as User Pokémon’s HP lowers. Formula: 150 x Current HP / Max HP. At 100%, Power is 150.

User Pokémon commits suicide.

10% chance to FLINCH.

Always attacks first. {Priority +1}


Attack Power is doubled if User Pokémon is inflicted with POISON, PARALYZE or BURN.

#144|Faint Attack|Dark|60|n/a|20|Physical|1|
Always hits if Enemy Pokémon is on screen; it ignores all accuracy and evasion modifiers. It misses if Dig, Dive, Fly, Protect/Detect or Bounce are used.

#145|Fake Out|Normal|40|100%|10|Physical|1|
Hits only on the first turn User Pokémon comes out. Gain FLINCH. Always attacks first. {Priority +1}

#146|Fake Tears|Dark|n/a|100%|20|Other|1|

#147|False Swipe|Normal|40|100%|40|Physical|1|
Always leaves Enemy Pokémon with at least 1 HP left.

Gain ATTACK -2.

Hits and nullifies the effects of Protect/Detect. Will still hit even if Protect/Detect isn't used. Blocked by Fast Guard. {Priority +2}

#150|Fiery Dance|Fire|80|100%|10|Special|?|
50% chance of raising user's Special Attack by one stage.

#151|Final Gambit|Fighting|Varies|100%|5|Special|?|
KOs the user and deals damage equal to the amount of HP the user had before using the move. However, the user will not faint if Life Gamble fails to affect the target, whether due to a miss, Protect, or type immunity. Focus Sash or Sturdy can prevent the target from being KO'd by this move.

#152|Fire Blast|Fire|120|85%|5|Special|1|
10% chance to gain BURN.

#153|Fire Fang|Fire|65|95%|15|Physical|1|
10% chance to gain BURN and 10% to FLINCH.

#154|Fire Pledge|Fire|50|100%|10|Special|?|
Inflicts regular damage, with additional effect when combined by Grass Pledge or Water Pledge in double or triple battles.

If it is followed on the same turn by Grass Pledge, it will cause all foes to take damage equal to 1/8 of their maximum HP at the end of each turn for four turns. If it follows Water Pledge on the same turn, it will double the probability of secondary effects taking place for four turns. This effect does not stack with Serene Grace.

#155|Fire Punch|Fire|75|100%|15|Physical|1|
10% chance to gain BURN.

#156|Fire Spin|Fire|15|85%|35|Special|1|
Traps Enemy Pokémon for 4-5 turns. Does 6.25% damage at the end of each turn, except the last. If User Pokémon switches, Fire Spin ends.

Knocks out Enemy Pokémon in one hit regardless of HP.

The less HP User Pokémon has, the more damage Flail does.

From 68% to 100% 20 Power
From 35% to 67% 40 Power
From 21% to 34% 80 Power
From 10% to 20% 100 Power
From 4% to 9% 150 Power
From .1% to 3% 200 Power

#159|Flame Burst|Fire|70|100%|15|Special|?|
The Pokémon adjacent to the target will lose 1/16 of their maximum HP.

#160|Flame Charge|Fire|50|100%|20|Physical|?|
Raises SPEED +1.

#161|Flame Wheel|Fire|60|100%|25|Physical|1|
10% chance to gain BURN. User Pokémon is cured of FROZEN.

10% chance to gain BURN.

#163|Flare Blitz|Fire|120|100%|15|Physical|1|
10% chance to gain BURN. User Pokémon is dealt recoil damage equal to 1/3 damage dealt to Enemy Pokémon.

Lower ACCURACY -1.

#165|Flash Cannon|Steel|80|100%|10|Special|1|
10% chance to lower SPECIAL DEFENSE -1.


Hurls out hold item at the target, which consumes the item. You will receive the item back after battle. Fling still works with Sticky Hold. Even if Fling fails to do any damage, the item being Flung is lost. Fling fails if Embargo is in effect for the user, if the user has Klutz, if the user isn't holding an item, or if the user is holding an item which doesn't appear in the following list.

*130 power: Iron Ball
*100 power: Hard Stone
*90 power: DeepSeaTooth, Grip Claw, All Plates, Thick Club
*80 power: Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Electirizer, Magmarizer, Oval Stone, Protector, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Shiny Stone, Sticky Barb
*70 power: Dragon Fang, Poison Barb
*60 power: Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Rocky Helmet, Stick
*50 power: Dubious Disc, Sharp Beak
*40 power: Eviolite, Icy Rock, Lucky Punch
*30 power: Absorb Bulb, Binding Band, Black Belt, Black Sludge, BlackGlasses, Cell Battery, Charcoal, DeepSeaScale, Dragon Scale, Eject Button, Fire Stone, Flame Orb, Float Stone, Heart Scale, Honey, King's Rock, Leaf Stone, Life Orb, Light Ball, Light Clay, Lucky Egg, Magnet, Metal Coat, Metronome, Miracle Seed, Moon Stone, Mystic Water, NeverMeltIce, Nugget, Pokedoll, Prism Scale, Razor Fang, Scope Lens, Shell Bell, Spell Tag, Sun Stone, Toxic Orb, TwistedSpoon, Up-Grade, Water Stone
*10 power: All Berries, Air Balloon, Big Root, Blue Scarf, BrightPowder, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Destiny Knot, Expert Belt, Focus Band, Focus Sash, Full Incense, Green Scarf, Lagging Tail, Leftovers, Mental Herb, Metal Powder, Muscle Band, Pink Scarf, Power Herb, Quick Powder, Reaper Cloth, Red Card, Red Scarf, Ring Target, Shed Shell, Silk Scarf, SilverPowder, Smooth Rock, Soft Sand, Soothe Bell, White Herb, Wide Lens, Wise Glasses, Yellow Scarf, Zoom Lens

Some items have additional effects when Flung.

Flame Orb - Burns the target.
King's Rock - Flinches the target.
Light Ball - Paralyzes the target.
Poison Barb - Poisons the target.
Razor Fang - Flinches the target.
Toxic Orb - Badly poisons the target.
Berries - All Berries activate on the target when Flung.
White Herb - Removes all negative stat levels on the target.
Mental Herb - Removes target's infatuation, Taunt, Encore, Torment, Disable, and Cursed Body.

First turn, User Pokémon bounces up in the sky and can’t be damaged. Attacks second turn. Sky Uppercut and Thunder can hit a Pokémon using Fly. Gust and Twister double in Power if used during the first turn.

#169|Focus Blast|Fighting|120|70%|5|Special|1|
10% chance to lower SPECIAL DEFENSE -1

#170|Focus Energy|Normal|n/a|n/a|30|Other|S|
Increases the critical hit stage of all moves by 2.

#171|Focus Punch|Fighting|150|100%|20|Physical|1|
If User Pokémon takes damage from an attack, User Pokémon gains FLINCH. Always attacks last. {Priority -2}

#172|Follow Me|Normal|n/a|n/a|20|Other|S|
All moves are redirected to User Pokémon. This only works in Double Battles. Always attacks first. {Priority +3}

#173|Force Palm|Fighting|60|100%|10|Physical|1|
30% chance to gain PARLYZE.

Enemy Pokémon’s EVASION returns and stays normal. Hold Item EVASION are not effected. Allows Normal and Fighting Type attacks to hit Ghost Type Pokémon.

#175|Foul Play|Dark|95|100%|15|Physical|?|
Uses the target's Attack stat (including regular stat boost) instead of the user's Attack stat to calculate damage. Does not get an Attack boost from items the target is holding, but if the user is holding an Attack-boosting item such as Choice Band, or has the damage-halving effect of Burn, this is factored into the damage.

#176|Freeze Shock|Ice|140|90%|5|Physical|?|
User charges up on the first turn, then attacks on the second. 30% chance to paralyze the target.

#177|Frenzy Plant|Grass|150|90%|5|Special|1|
Attacks first turn. Must recharge second turn, can’t be switched out.

#178|Frost Breath|Ice|40|90%|10|Special|?|
Inflicts damage and will always result in a critical hit unless the target has Battle Armor, Shell Armor, or is under the effect of Lucky Chant.

#179|Frustration|Normal|102|100%|20|Physical|1 Enemy|
The more User Pokémon dislikes you, the more damage this attack does.

#180|Fury Attack|Normal|15|85%|20|Physical|1|
Hits 2-5 times. Roll one time for accuracy first, then a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

#181|Fury Cutter|Bug|20|95%|20|Physical|1|
Power doubles every consecutive turn this attack is successfully used. A multiplier, X (which begins at 0), increases by 1 if this attack is successful, up to a maximum of 4. X is reset to 0 when user is replaced; when user falls asleep or becomes frozen; or when this attack is prevented from being used, misses, or becomes ineffective. This attack's power is multiplied by 2 to the power of X.

#182|Fury Swipes|Normal|18|80%|15|Physical|1|
Hits 2-5 times. Roll one time for accuracy first, then a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

#183|Fusion Bolt|Electric|100|100%|5|Physical|?|
Base power doubles if another Pokémon uses Fusion Flare in the same turn before the Pokémon using Fusion Bolt, and this boost will only last until the end of turn.

#184|Fusion Flare|Fire|100|100%|5|Special|?|
Base power doubles if another Pokémon uses Fusion Bolt in the same turn before the Pokémon using Fusion Flare, and this boost will only last until the end of turn. If the user is frozen, Fusion Flare will thaw it.

#185|Future Sight|Psychic|100|100%|10|Special|1|
At the end of the third turn, deals damage. Damage is based on the Enemy Pokémon’s stats when the move is first used, and uses those stats even if Enemy Pokémon raises stats, or if a new Pokémon is switched in. Not a STAB attack and hits all Pokémon. Hits Wonder Guard Pokémon and can KO a Pokémon that used Endure. Focus Sash does block Future Sight. If Protect, Detect are used the same turn Future Sight was first used, it will prevent the damage. Cannot Critical Hit.

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