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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


"Tank Stoneedge now!" Tank fires a barrage of large boulders at the enemy Pidgeot hitting it with all but two boulders.The giant bird crashes to the ground with a loud thump."You did great Tank!" Exclaimed the young trainer who ran over and jumped onto his Torterra's tree hat rest on it's back. suddenly a blinding white light shoots across the land and the trainer is gone. Tank nervously looks around for his trainer and the ground gives way causing tank to fall in a deep dark endless abyss, Suddenly Tank is suspended in midair by an armless hand. Tank looks around for a face and two giant eyeballs shoot out from the darkness then a face revealing it to be Mewtwo.

Somewhere in a desert
"This desert is just any desert, This is the place where me and my trainer once allowed me to evolve in to Grotle and the place where i learned crunch.It was all taken from me by that devious Mewtwo!" Tank thinks in his head.

Suddenly a beam of ice shoots out right in front of Tank causing him to jump back and look around. Tank spots a Nidoking with blue and purple stripes covering it's body.

"Next time i won't miss!" screams the NidoKing as he charges Tank with his head down.

Tank sidesteps what should have been a super effective poison sting and leaps into the air crashing down in the very same spot causing a mile wide earthquake to tremble throughout the desert sending the NidoKing flying through the air and off into the horizon

" Ugh he did get me." Tank says to his self looking down at a wound seeping with poison.

OCC: I hate to leave it at something like that but pokemon white calling my name lol
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