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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Aqua and Drake

"Hey blazakin,I think we can be sure he is not a clone.'' I said "He does not have those stripes like the clones do, But you can never be sure so just to be safe... are you? Oh! i forgot to ask you what your name is, I'm Aqua" I said as i put out my hand.
Just then a buterfree flew into the base doors. "Yikes! I have not seen a sandstorm like that in ages! glad i could track your signal though.... Um Aqua... who are these and tell me that they are not clones..."
"No they are not clones." I said. "they are part of the alliance and it seems we are now to Drake so sit down i think that Rhyperior was just about to give us a lecture." i said while rolling my eyes.
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