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Default Re: Monbrey's Log of BMG Server Downtime

FFA #38

19 Man Free For All
No Helds
No Weather/Terrain
No Sleep Moves
Perish Song Banned
Encore Banned
Accuracy/Evasion Banned
Intimidate Negated
Hit-all moves hit-one

19th: Smorgasbord with Vespiquen gets $1,000
18th: Mubz with Shedinja gets $1,000
17th: Nekogal with Jolteon gets $1,000
16th: Legendary Master with Alakazam gets $1,500
15th: WinterVines with Claydol gets $2,000
13th: Fierce Deity with Kingdra gets $2,750
13th: Ash K with Haxorus gets $2,750
12th: Maverick Kaiser with Haxorus gets $3,500
11th: RouletteDares with Infernape gets $4,000
10th: Wrave with Stoutland gets $4,500
9th: Kai-Mei with Starmie gets $5,000
8th: Buzzer with Electivire get $5,500
7th: ChainReaction with Poliwrath A gets $6,000
6th: Alaskapigeon with Honchkrow gets $6,500
5th: Ayotui with Poliwrath gets $7,000
4th: Stinky with Lucario gets $7,500
3rd: WeTastePies with Claydol gets $8,000
2nd: Bumblebee with Snorlax gets $8,500
1st: JokesterJesse with Kingdra gets $9,000

Match Wages: $9,500
Total Wages: $71,500
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