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Default Challenge Finder

Welcome to the Challenge Finder. If you're looking for some one to battle with over WiFi or an Online Battle Simulator. Then you've come to the right place! Now before you go and start posting, there are a few rules you must follow.

  1. Make sure you've already read the Battling Center's Rules and Information post.
  2. No double posting or Spamming.
  3. You're allowed to post a request once every 2 Hours if you haven't had a response to your initial Challenge. ONLY acceptable case of Double Posting
  4. All Challenges should happen Via PM, VM, or a messenger service.
  5. Please try to use proper grammar. It would make your post look more professional and people would most likely want to battle with you.

What your post should contain
  • In Game Name / Online Simulator Name
  • Friend Code (If Applicable)
  • Battle Clauses
  • Singles, Double, Triple, Rotation, or Wonder Launcher Battle Type
  • Level set to 50, 100 or Free
  • Misc Info: If you have something more you wish to add. Such as if you want to be contacted by a messenger service.
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