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Default Re: Registration

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
OK, time to re-register and start anew. I'm really happy ASB is back, and with 5th gen, I'm ready for a fresh team. This time however, I'm giving my Starter Team some awesome Signature Moves. My goal is to involve every Pokemon Meme known to Mankind in my Party, so wish me luck!

Pokemon Name: Smugleaf
Species: Snivy (Male)

Signature Move: Trollface
Description: Since it's discovery in Unova Snivy has been known for it's smug smile and almost taunting demeanor. A self-centered and narcissistic Pokemon, NES2's Snivy takes the cake when it comes to smugness. NES2 has learned to use this to his advantage during battle however, making Smugleaf's rudeness an asset. Channeling his inner jerk, Smugleaf can drive his opponent into reckless attack by making "yo mama" joke or some other rude comment towards his opponent in the enigmatic language of Pokemon. When effected by this attack, the opponent will not be able to control his rage at Smugleaf's "trolling" and will fly into a psychopathic rage for 5 turns in which he will wreck anything in the vicinity of him, including his own allies.
Type: Dark / Damage: 0 / Accuracy: 100 /Classification: Status Move
Effect: Pokemon cannot aim it's own attacks for five turns and may damage any Pokemon at random, including itself.
Usage Gap: Once per Battle

Ability: Overgrow


Species: Rattata (Male)

Signature Move: TOP PERCENTAGE
Description: NES2's Rattata isn't any ordinary Rattata. He is literally in the top percentage of Rattata, the Pokemon that the Seven Sages foretold would defeat Arceus and ascend to the level of a deity, the Chosen One of Legend. NES2's Rattata can make this status known through a powerful aura it emits, instilling a great fear and awe in any Pokemon that beholds it's true nature. This move will paralyze the Pokemon who beholds it instantly, stunning the Pokemon who sees Rattata's True Power.
Type: ??? / Damage: 0 / Accuracy: 100 / Classification: Status Move
Effect: Causes paralysis.
Usage Gap: None (It's a glorified Thunder Wave really, why would this need one?)

Ability: Guts


Species: Mudkip (Male)

Signature Move: So I herd you liek Mudkips.
Description: Mudkip is naturally the most well known and "lieked" of the meme Pokemon, and in most eyes the original meme Pokemon. Mudkips are just naturally cool, and this move causes Infatuation in it's target regardless of the opponent Pokemon's gender or Oblivious Ability due to it's awesomeness. After all, who doesn't liek Mudkips?
Type: Normal / Damage: 0 / Accuracy 100% / Classification: Status Move
Effect: Causes Infatuation; ignores Gender and Abilities
Usage Gap: Once per Battle

Ability: Torrent
Approved but sig moves are not approved, simply on the grounds that sig moves won't open until the 15th. Go get a Bank Account, make your Trainer Stats, and then sign up to be a Ref! :O
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