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Name: Orange Flaaffy, or Becky
Gender: Female
Voice Type: Very high, am often mistaken for a little kid over the phone. My voice goes even higher when I'm nervous, and I can do a high little girls voice with nearly no effort at all.
If I force myself I can do a sort of sarcastic older lady's voice (think sort of Jessica Rabbit only not serious) but I'm not very good at that... I can do soft spoken old lady though..
Languages/Accents: English. Um I've been told my accent might be mid-western, and I can fake a bad country accent (think Rogue of the X-Men) But I grew up in California so, like, I'm just like, speaking from here ^.^
Contact Details: PMing me here would be good. If you really need my email I will give it. I'm almost never on IM...
Availability: Nights. I'm almost always home and typing away. Also early mornings, the best days being the weekend of course...
Voice Sample:
I'm just going to link you to a youtube video I did, since it is faster and less of a hosting fuss. There are other videos on my account if that one is not good enough that should show you my voice type just as clearly. I've been called 'a Disney Princess' voice wise...
*Is 28 now*

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