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Default Re: Starting with all 3 starters?

Originally Posted by bigboy View Post
I know it seems that way, and teams with blisseys dont help.
In fact some of the funnest times I had with competitive battles were when I caught the opponent off guard when I threw out a rotom and flashed the hell out it and had it hold bright powder. Now there are too many rules....

Anyway if you really want to screw with an opponent had a pokemon that can absorb attacks. Like if lapras is out and opponent uses thunder but the turn before you switch to a ground type then they use a fighting move but lucky for you switch to ghost.

I used to love using these strageties. And while it is true not every pokemon can hold their own they are still many UU that you can use and can pack a punch.
That's all I mean, just a little bit of spice. It gives more of a feeling of anime battling tome (without of course those moves they use that certain pokemon can't actually learn in the game)
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