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Default Re: Starting with all 3 starters?

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
You said it yourself, there is no unbeatable Pokemon, so stop claiming starters would not make good uncompetitive battlers, because if used right, they can be.
I think no pokemon is beyond hope, as if you are about to win and a last pokemon has only a tiny bit of life left, even the weak ones by level alone can throw the winning blow :)

About random fun never winning battles in the end, I have a few frozen water pokemon that would like to talk about that ;D
Maybe random fun never won against maxed out pokemon with killing set up movesets\natures you're right ^.^ (more power to them for being amazing), but I wasn't talking about those at all, just normal, caught by chance in the wild pokemon, raised on gyms and trainers in game...

I think all three B/W starters could do wonderfully. After all, starters are that for a reason, one of them being that they can be counted upon so well in many cases...
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