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Default DARKRAIMASTER1 Trading Thread

Welcome to my trading shop.
Please be sure to read the following instructions and/or rules before trading with me.
If you do not follow directions I will pretty much ignore you.
Thank You.

If by any chance some of my pokemons are hacked.Please let me know.You must show me proofs and i will return your pokemons no question ask. No i will not trade you another different pokemon for it. And must return my pokemons too.In order for me to give you your pokemon back.

Also You may just ask for natures and stats and more information. Only thing i do not know is IV's. So dont push my buttons. That really Grinds My gears.

RULES: You must read!Please!
1.Follow all rules.
2.Please be respectful to my Shop.
3.Be respectful to everyone.
4.I may refuse service.
5.You may Pm me.

Trading Rules
1.No rushing me.
2.No speaker on.
3.No hacks.
4.Please be patient.
5.Dont keep me more than 5 min. waiting in the room.
6.Try to make good offers.
7.Only offer me what iam looking for.
White List
1.Nekome: Shes really a good trader does not give butts. Offer her
good pokemons and she will trade you.
2.SuperSaiyan540-This guy is the reason i have all of these events.He
is SPECIAL VIP can get what he wants.
3.Nichollas16-Even tho this guy is busy he still apologizes and never steal from people he has lots of pokemons to pick and is a fair trader.

Black List
No one.Good.

1.Cloning. I will do them with no charge. but 30 per day.
I get tire and have a life.
2.Event Collector And trades.

[spoiler]1.Events i Do not have.
2.5th Gen Events.
3.Dream World Exclusives.
4.Especially looking for
-Iris Axew.-------Hatched or Unhatched.
-Ciris Pansage----Hatched or Unhatched.
-Ash's Pidove-----Hatched or Unhatched.
-Pokemon Center Birthday-PC Yokohoma- Audino-11040
-Pokemon BW Searcher Training Center-Axew-03191

5.Wish Events.
6.Japanese Legit
7.Any 10th Evens from Countries i dont have.
8.Gotta Catch Em Event
9.Some shinys i will take. Pm tho.[spoiler]

If you like to know natures or other information please ask. Information will not be posted thanks you.

NFT--Not For Trade
*----high offers only
**---Really hihg offers
***---3 pokemons for it or something rare

Mew Events

-Pokemon Movie-50716*
-Toys 'R' US- MYSTRY-06930
-Wi-Fi- FAL2010-10160

Celebi Events

-Pokemon Coleseum Bonus Disc-31121**
-Pokemon Coleseum Bonus Disc (Shiny)-31121**
-Pokemon Jungle Tours-60720(NFT)

Repair Program/Berry Fix Events (Zigzagoon Shiny)**


Pokepark Events ***

-Movie Download-Meowth-50318

10th Anniversary Concert Events


Pokemon Sunday Events


Pokemon Rocks of America Events


Pokemon Center Events

-Sapporo Meowth-03209*
-Sapporo Eevee-12068**
-Pokemon Birthday-Charmander 08- 07208
-Pokemon Birthday-Chimchar 09-09129

STAMP Events (NFT)


Wish Events(NFT)

Deoxys Events

-SPACE C-00010

Pokemon Daisuki Club Events


Pokemon Coleseum E-Card Events**


World's Championship Events


Strongest Pokemon Event

-Strong 1-Electivire-11157
-Strong 2-Magmortar-12017
-Strong 3-Milotic-12157
-Strong 4-Dragonite-01158
-Strong 5-Salamance-02158

VCG/WCS Events




Pokefesta Events*




Jeremy Events***


PCNY Events*

Set b
Set d

Gotta Catch 'Em All Events**

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6

USA 10th Aniv Events

Pokemon Ranch Usa/Japanese Events

Haley Events
-Hayley Mew-01000
-Hayley Phione-01000
-Hayley Pikachu-01000
-Hayley Staravia-01000
-Hayley Miltank-01000
-Hayley Eevee-01000

Yuki Events
-Yuki Baba Flygon-07018
-Yuki Reds Metagross-02109

Eukalia Events**
-Eukalia Phione-01000

TRU Events

Pokemon Rangers Events

Rangers 1
-Manaphy Egg

Rangers 2 USA/Japanese
-Kyle Riolu-03208
-Almia Darkrai-03208
-Battonage Darkrai-03208

Rangers 3 USA/Japanses
-Deoxys(All Forms)-Japanese-03060(NFT)

Eigaken Events

-07 Darkrai-07147
-07 Deoxys-07147
-08 Shaymin-07198
-08 Regigigas-07198
-09 Pichu-06199
-09 Arceus-07189
-10 Celebi-07100

Wi-Fi Japanese

-Goons Scizor-06180

Crown Beast

-Crown Suicune-06180
-Crown Entei-06180
-Crown Raikou-06180

Pikachu Events

-Pokemon Coleseum Bonus Disc-31121
-Pokemon Center Yokohama-10108
-Nintendo Zone USA-10278
-Nintendo Zone Japanese-11219
-Satoshi's Wi-Fi-07150
-7-Eleven Giveaway-08200**
-Ash's Pikachu-01301
-Kyoto Cross Media Experience-10039***
-Yellow Forest-Volt Tackle

USA and Japanese Events

-Alamos Darkrai-05318
-Shiny Rangers Hatch Manaphy*
-Nintendo World Manaphy-NWS-10017
-E 4 All Conference Manaphy-E4ALL-10187
-Wi-Fi-NZ Manaphy-08110
-World Hobby Fair-2nd Anniversary Manaphy-12226**
-Wi-Fi-Spring Pichu-03050
-Pokemon Center- Pichu Egg (Red and Green Pichu Egg) (NFT)

Jirachi Events

-Wi-Fi-NZ Japanese-06199

Wi-Fi Trio Dogs


Gamestop Events


Country Events

-Netherlands- Deoxys-DOEL-28606

Germany 10th Anniversary*

Bryant Park*


UK 10th Anniversary


Game Events

-Solrock-Distant Land-Michael-35388

5fth Generation Pokemon Events

-Pokesmash Zoroark-Wi-Fi-01161*
-Pokesmash Cubchoo-Wi-Fi-10220*
-Pokemon Center Audino Birthday-PC Nagoya-11040***
-Pokemon BW Searcher Training Center-Axew-03191(NFT)
-Ana Darkrai-12270(NFT)
-Ash's Scraggy-Wi-Fi-01281
-Ash's Pidove Egg***
-Ash's Pidove-OT:Hugo ID:47313**
-Cilan's Pansage Egg***
-Cilan's Pansage-OT:Hugo Id:47313**
-Cilan's Pansage-OT:Viteh Id:59615**
-Iri's Kibago Egg ***
-Iri's Kibago-OT:Hugo Id:47313**

DW Events

Trade Evolution Events

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