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Default Sean Marshall

Name: Sean Marshall

Age: 17

Appearance: Appearance-wise, Sean's figure is typical of a teenager. He is 5 ' 7" inches tall, and weighs in at a modest 150 pounds. His figure is trim, especially his slendy arms. He does conceal muscle in his legs and midsection, which contributes to his stamina. His hair is light brown and shaggy, with pointed bangs hanging over his forehead, drawing attention to his bright green eyes. During the warm season, he wears denim blue jeans, and a red t-shirt covered by a white button-up shirt. When the weather gets cold, he replaces the white overshirt with a thick blue hoodie, with a layer of fluff standing between him and the elements.

History: Sean's family were all brilliant masseurs. They had spent years mastering massage therapy, and have all spread out and established shops all over the world. Sean studied hard, eager to explore the world and become a successful member of the trade. On his 17th birthday, he received his first Pokemon, a traditional gift used as a sign that the child was ready to reach out and find their place in the world. Sean said good-bye to his family and departed for the outside world.

Some time into his journey, Sean was attacked and robbed by a group of rogue thugs. His training as a therapist had proven useless in the field of battle, and he soon found himself lacking the funds to support his journey. Luckily, he was taken in by a gentle old man and his daughter, both of whom were talented Black Belts. Sean explained his story, and the two offered to train him in the ways of combat, in exchange he would massage their sore muscles after every training session. Sean happily obliged, and so began his training in the ways of the fighter. However, the old man grew tragically ill, and on his death-bed, wished his two students to explore the world and experience all that they could for the old hermit. And so he bestowed upon Sean 3000 Pokedollars to fund his journey, and the boy once again had to leave a place he called home. To this very day, Sean continues training in both massage and martial arts, hoping to become worthy of his surname, and also a worthy student of his old master.

Personality: Sean's family raised him to be a very happy and friendly person. He was taught that being a Massage Therapist meant delivering joy to your clients, and that only a bright personality would be a successful member of the trade. He approaches people with a calm and friendly demeanor, making it easy for him to make friends. Depsite his nature, being mugged has taught him to be cautious of people, and so he likes to keep an eye on those around him. He doesn't judge, he just watches, hoping to never be crossed again; to never be forced to feel the fear he had felt that day.

Intended Classes: Martial Artist -> Black Belt, Juggler, and Massage Therapist

Base Stats
Max HP: 52
Strength: 14 (+1)(+1)
Constituion: 13
Dexterity: 14 (+1)(+1)(+1)
Intelligence: 7 (-2)
Wisdom: 7
Charisma: 9

Red = Gained by becoming Martial Artist
Blue = Gained by becoming Black Belt
Green = Gained by becoming Massage Therapist
Orange = Gained by becoming Juggler

Level: 0

Pokemon Trainer

Renaissance Man
Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer, One Advanced Class
Target: Yourself
Effect: You may choose an extra Advanced Class in one of your Basic Class categories to add to your repertoire.

Weapon Proficiencies: None, but plenty to come.

Equipment: Pokeballs x5, Pokedex

Money: 3000

Starter Pokemon: Joltik


Strider the Joltik
Level: 10
Nature: Mild(+SAtk, -Def)
Gender: Male
Ability: CompoundEyes
Max HP: 34
Location: Party

Experience: 730
To Next Level: 270

HP: 5/8
Attack: 5/5
Defense: 3/4
Special Attack: 8/10
Special Defense: 5/6
Speed: 7/9

Overland 2
Jump 3
Power 1
Intelligence 3


String Shot – Bug
Waves of silk threads are spit to cover the target, slowing them down.
At-Will – 3
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target, Spray
String Shot creates a Spray 3-meters long and 45˚ wide. All Legal Targets within the Spray lower their Speed 1 Combat Stage. If a target is hit by String Shot for 5 consecutive turns, they are Trapped. If a target’s Speed Combat Stage has already been lowered 6 times, String Shot Traps them.

Leech Life – Bug
The user bites the target and drains the victim of its life force.
EOT – 2
Effect: 1 Target
After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.

Spider Web – Bug
The user forces a sticky, elaborate web into the air above the target, as it falls it traps the target, immobilizing them.
Center – None
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target, Trap
Spider Web never misses its target.

Thunder Wave – Electric
Electricity rushes through the air, shutting down the target’s nervous system.
Center – None
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target, Column
Thunder Wave creates a Column that is 2-meters wide. All Legal Targets in the Column are Paralyzed. Thunder Wave cannot miss.

Screech – Normal
The user emits an irritating yell, which shatters the target’s defenses.
EOT – 4
Ranged **
Effect: No Target, Burst
Screech creates a 4-meter Burst. All Legal Targets have their Defense lowered 2 Combat Stages.

Pokemon Wishlist: Golurk, Emboar, Ditto, Dodrio, Gyarados, Ferrothorn

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