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Default Avalon

(Note: This is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOOOT the Avalon from Eon Sky. 100% Human, 100% NOT FROM EON SKY!)

Name: Avalon (this is apparently a kind of nickname, codename, or alternate personna. Not even with the whole Government doing an extensive background check can dig up his real name, so that's that.)

Age: 15

Appearance: Estimated height is 5-feet-2-inches. Weighs in at about 110 pounds. Eye color is Hazel. His face sports freckles, but Avalon's main facial feature, aside from some hairs on his beard and peach fuzz that borders on a small moustache, is the good amount of pimples that he attempts to pop. It's not like his face is plastered with pimples, it's just a regular amount of pimples on a teen's face. They just stand out...And Avalon never attempts popping them.

His hair is in a style called 'Togekiss bunches,' which is just as it sounds-Hair is put into bunches that resemble a Togekiss'es head spikes, save in much more quantity. His hair is permanently greasy (no amount of showers will fix it, he's tried), so it always has a shine to it. He wears a black beret over most of it, though. NOBODY TOUCHES THAT BERET. Avalon's not exactly keen on letting anyone so much as poke it. It has been revealed that there's nothing under it other than his hair, so those that know them believe he's simply obsessed with it.

Usually, Avalon wears a blue sports shirt and short blue jeans (with a belt), but Avalon's weather-savvy. Whenever it's hot, Avalon will take to the nearest point of absoulte privacy to change into a green tank-top and a black bathing suit with a single blue thunderbolt on it, in order to soak up the sun better (and get wet, if there's water nearby.) If it's cold, Avalon puts on a navy-blue jacket, and puts on longer jeans. If it's REALLY cold, Avalon will put on a much larger black and gray jacket with a hoodie instead.

Avalon has many scars all over his body. Nobody knows or asks how he got them all, or why they're all over his body. Possibly a result of misshaps when younger, many believe.

Current Class: Pokemon Trainer

Intended Classes: Martial Artist, Mystic, Aura User, Rider, Juggler

History: You Have No Idea.

That sums it up quite nicely. When the world government attempts a background check and fails to even get his real name, it's easily assumable that he could be ANYBODY. Heck, he could be YOU. Seriously. Ok, not seriously, but you get the point. Nobody has ANY idea whatsoever as to who he is at all.

However, a few believe that his past was less than good. In fact, worse than worst. It’s assumed by those few that Avalon’s past was not pretty at all, and saying ‘it was a dark past’ didn’t come inches close in the mile-long madness that it was to them. Nobody could confirm this, however.

Regardless, he's currently going into Pokemon Training. His Pokemon of choice: A female Riolu named Scyez, crazier than people locked in an asylum. She was found by Avalon in the caves of a mountain, rejected by the main Riolu population there due to her irrational and erratic behavior. Scyes likes Avalon due to taking her in when her own kind did not, and, despite being her insane self, attempts to help Avalon out. Avalon named Scyez, well, Scyez because he was thinking of Skies, but due to the Riolu’s insanity, wanted a few of the letters swapped out.

And with Scyez around, Avalon has one goal: have the best time of his life in every second he can.

Personality: Avalon has a distinct hate of war and killing things, and as such, has a like of peace and life. He's also a funloving person, and he's quite lax if nothing's going on. However, if the going gets tough, the tough gets going; Avalon turns serious, combat-oriented, and can lose all of the above traits, making him rather merciless and uncaring of his opposition. Attempt to take his beret, and you will suffer consequences. Very, very bad consequences. There is no possible explamation for what outrage comes at your face for removing that headgear, even if it serves utterly no purpose.

For someone that doesn't like war and killing things, Avalon is a person that doesn't like being defenseless, and aside from Pokemon, is also considering taking a Martial Arts Class. Furthermore, He wants to feel a link with his Pokemon, so is also trying to master channelling as well.

Avalon recently realized that, due to what Avalon belives is a balance between a fighting style and getting in sync with nature, he would also want to see if he could use the Aura. He feels that he'd love to ride on Pokemon's backs, so long as he's not clumsily gripping onto his ride with severe force. He plans to see if he can become a Rider, mainly because it would be fun. This fun-seeking has also led him to see if he could juggle, and plans on purchasing a juggling kit.

Plans: Have fun! He doesn't really care what he's doing, so long as there's something to do, and it's fun!

Current Pokemon Party: Scyez the Riolu, Jykal the Sneasel

Box Pokemon: Not any at the time.

Pokemon Wishlist: Lucario, Weavile, Togekiss, Hydregion, Lapras, Serperior, Rotom, Volcarona



Ability Scores:

HP (CON value x 4 + Trainer Level x 4): 40
STR: 14 (+2)
DEX: 13 (+1)
CON: 10
INT: 8 (-2)
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHA: 6 (-4)

Feats: Renaissance Man
Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer, One Advanced Class
Target: Yourself
Effect: You may choose an extra Advanced Class in one of your Basic Class categories to add to your repertoire.

Proficiancies: N/A

Equipment: Pokedex (8 Seen, 2 Owned), ID wallet, Potion x1, Rare Candy x2

Money: 3200

Pokedex Seen: Golett, Joltik, Riolu, Squirtle, Lillipup, Krabby, Wailmer, Sneasel
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