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Default Re: will dawn and brock come back

I do believe japan is planning 2 episodes to see how Brock and Dawn are doing currently. As of an appearance in the new anime: I doubt it. Yeah, it'd be cool, but think for a moment: After Misty left the group, the girl only stays for 1 season and Dawn is too busy to see Ash. As for Brock, he's a perv. There's nothing wrong with that, just I know a ton of parents weren't too pleased by having their kids watch Brock flirt with every girl he saw. Besides, he is too busy as well. Any appearance with Ash would be unlikely. Now what I can see Nintendo doing, is during Ash's Unova League battle (What did you think he was going to do in Unova, watch grass grow?) as I was saying, during Ash's Unova League battles, All his old friends come to cheer him on: Misty, Brock, Delilah, Prof. Oak, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Johanna, Barry, Paul, and of course: Gary Motherf*****g Oak.
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