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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Originally Posted by CrazyTrainer View Post
Mayfan1000: I don't mind if you talk as camerupt or Yanmega just not Rhyperior. Another thing is make your post at least a paragraph or we are going to get shut down buddy it happened to one of my roleplays before. Also how do you have a sister thats a blaziken if you are a blastoise please change the post.
ooc:i said in my sign up i was taken in by a family of blazakin when i was a squirtle so it has been explained already. and the length sorry i did not know will try to keep it a paragraph.


"The feathers I need belonged to my mother before she died. She was in the path of bulldozers that were sent to make room for the hammer region a while ago. I have been searching for my sister sines then we split up after that and then we lost contact I have been looking for her ever since. And I guess if I can help take down those clones my feathers don't seem quite as important. I found a good deal of them and I found my armlet so I don'y have to worry about that." I said "so what exactly are these missions you are talking about? and if I can help as long as I get to kick some clone honey bunns I will do all I can. also i have a friend who would not mind helping the aliense if he can, i can call him if you want."
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