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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

OOC: Ahhh guys you guys are messing up the roleplay a little.

Mayfan1000: I don't mind if you talk as camerupt or Yanmega just not Rhyperior. Another thing is make your post at least a paragraph or we are going to get shut down buddy it happened to one of my roleplays before. Also how do you have a sister thats a blaziken if you are a blastoise please change the post.

Hazzaboy: First off you must sign up to a roleplay first before you just post in there. Your post is alright but, you must sign up first in the roleplay sign ups. So I want you to make a sign up first. Then you will need to fix your post by using correct punctution and spelling. Also you can't controll other peoples chracters so you will have to make sign up first then fix your post and quick.


I looked as I seen camerupt talking to a blastoise I got up out of my bed and sat on the bed. I heard a the alarm go off it said, "intruder alert intruder alert". I seen a munchlax come through the back. He looked a little confused and alert from the alarm. So I had ran up on him and grabbed him up and said, "hey are you a clone if you are be prepared to fight."

Yanmega came up from behind he looked at me hold up the munchlax about to hit him. "Wait Blaziken don't hit him we don't no if he's good or bad yet."

"Probably bad I suppose sneaking up on us like that are you a clone explain your self before I beat you down."

While that was happening Rhyperior was working on something in his room. A little bug camera, "dang my hands are so big but, I think I got it. errr almost just need to screw this on then I'm done there we are all fixed up this will help with are first operation for this alliance." "Intruder alert intruder alert"!

"Errrrr whoa that startled me hey check who that is guys I'm coming though."

Camerupt then was talking to Aqua " yes we are a secret alliance who is trying to stop Mewtwo and his clones. Are leader Rhyperior will explain more just come in for now. What feathers do you need to find Aqua we don't know if we will be able to do this while we have are missions."
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