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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


I was lost in the desert again and the sandstorm is no help either, i tried to see through th storm but no one or nothing was around, until i saw a yellow glow from the distance it looked like a thunderbolt, i started to run closer and closer until i saw a pikachu, a piplup, a blastoise and a camperupt. I stopped in my tracks, i started to think what happens if these pokemon are clones, i could running right into there hands, my belly started to rumble i knew i haven't eaten in days. I approached in caution, i poked my head around the door to what seems like a base "heloooooo!, anyone there" i noticed a table but with a blazeiken on it, i ran closer to see what had happened he was eating something, before i could ask i heard "intruder alert" the next thing i knew i was picked up by the blazeiken from the table " who are you, are you a clone"!

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