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Default Re: Referee Headquarters

Change Log
any and all changes to the reffing rules will be listed here. I suggest refs subscribe to this thread, as I'll also posts changes that are made.

3/1/2011: 23:41
  • Created sub volumes of the compendium, and placed them in a sub-directory. Doesn't make much sense that the entire 1.5 MB Compendium is being loaded simply to roll for the Safari Zone, so I split it into four volumes. Officials, if you make any changes, make sure they reflect in the sub volumes.

3/2/2011: 2:46
  • Added English Ability/Attack names.

3/2/2011: 6:16
  • Fixed bug where Formes had incorrect stats.

3/7/2011: 1:30
  • Minor glitch with attacks. Fixed without any big problems.

3/8/2011: 23:00
  • Fixed Counter and Mirror Coat, and clarified some things on statuses.

4/15/2011: 3:13
  • Upgraded to Version 2.25. Mandatory upgrade.

4/16/2011: 2:14
  • Fixed bugs in regards to the wording of trapping moves like Whirlpool.
  • Altered the wording of Counter, Mirror Coat, and Metal Burst to prevent abuse.
  • Not a MANDATORY update, but a good idea.

4/17/2011: 1:27
  • Discovered a weird bug where Frost Breath and Storm Throw had the wrong names and effects.
  • This was also fixed on the Critical Levels page.
  • Not a MANDATORY update, but a good idea.

4/27/2011: 18:28
  • Huge bug where 0x attacks still did damage. Fixed now.
  • MANDATORY update.

1/23/2013: 22:56
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