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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


Aqua had been wondering around the desert looking for some life other than clones and also he had lost a lot of his feathers in the battle and more in the sandstorm.

"DARN IT ANY HOW!!" I said. "it took me so long to beat those flippin clones, not to mention that they take almost all of my feathers! Then this sand storm has to come and blow the rest of them off".

he looked around at the deserted desert and managed to see a Piplup and a Pichu wondering toward a Rhyperior, and Camerupt who was carrying a Blaziken on it's back!

"Uh oh." He thought "Better go and make sure that it is not getting taken by those darn clones and if they are all clones take them down! If not maby they can help me find some life other than mewtwo." So he started running to them only to get startled by a flash of an iron tail and pass out from shock, he thought that the clone had got him. He thought that he would never see his sister again
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