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Default Will Townshend

Originally Posted by OOC
This is an example of a character sheet. This is the format you'll want to follow for making your character sheet. The stats will obviously be different for each and every player, but this gives you an idea of what to aim for.
Name: Will Townshend

Age: 21

Appearance: Will is a young man with medium/long length brown hair to (mostly) cover up the scar he has on his forehead). Physically, Will is not particularly well built but he's by no means out of shape...he's also a bit on the taller side (around 6'4", 180lbs). When it comes to clothing, Will is surprisingly not too casual. His "main outfit" consists of a pair of blue jeans, black dress shoes, a black t-shirt and a long flowing black trench coat. Will has greenish/blue eyes that appear to change depending on the light.

Intended Class: Capture Specialist/Snagger/Engineer

Backstory: Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Will grew accustomed to both the coldness of nature and to the coldness of humanity itself. From a young age, Will was raised by his mother alone as his family had split shortly after his fifth birthday. His father moved far away, leaving Will, his mother and his younger sister to fend for themselves. Tragedy rarely strikes just once however...

One one cold winter night when Will was seventeen, two armed men and their Vigoroth broke into the young man's house. The duo used their Vigoroth to ransack the place before Will's mother confronted the robbers and their Pokemon. While still in an enraged frenzy, the Vigoroth pounced on the woman, clawing violently at her as she screamed for help. The two men were horrified, not expecting to actually -HURT- anyone during this home invasion. Out of fear, the two men left the Vigoroth behind. Hearing his mother's cries for help, Will picked up a sharp butcher knife from the kitchen and approached the Pokemon from behind. Still violently attacking the poor woman, the Vigoroth didn't notice what was happening until it was too late. Thrusting the knife into the back of its neck, Will stabbed the Pokemon repeatedly. The angry Pokemon spun around in panic and slashed at Will's face, creating a huge gash on his forehead. This didn't stop him however as he continued stabbing the Vigoroth until it finally lay dead before him.

About an hour later, the police and ambulances arrived. Will had since passed out from blood loss and his mother was pronounced dead long before the ambulances had even arrived. The results of this lead Will's sister to go off and live with their father...Will however couldn't bring himself to leave his home. Having just turned eighteen, Will decided to stay at their family home, growing bitter not only at Pokemon but at other human beings too. One Pokemon changed this least slightly...

One cold winter day, much like the day Will's mother died, Will found himself staring off into the backyard of his home, reminiscing about the good times he used to share with his family before all of this happened. It was then that he spotted a small blue orb wobbling out from the woods followed by what looked like a pack of dogs. Curious, Will stepped outside to discover that the blue orb was actuall a Spheal that was being attacked by a pack of Poochyena! Running over, Will delivered a swift kick to one of the Poochyena, sending it flying into the snow a fair distance off. Slightly intimdated, the others fell back leaving just Will and the wounded Spheal. For the first time in a long, long time, Will actually found himself caring about a Pokemon.

It was then that Will realized what he needed to do. Pokemon...wild Pokemon and Pokemon owned by others were evil. They were the Pokemon that caused so much suffering for himself and for others. The Vigoroth owned by those crooks proved that trainer owned Pokemon could easily be made evil...but those wild Poochyena also showed that wild Pokemon were just as bad! The only Pokemon that was good...the only Pokemon he could like was the one that he saved; the Pokemon that belonged to him.

Will realized that day what he must do. People...trainers...they didn't deserve those Pokemon. What was to stop them from using them for evil? Will realized this...Will realized that the only way for Pokemon to not be used for evil...for Pokemon to not give in to their natural behaviors...was if they were all his...

Personality: Will is quite the strange character. With an intense hatred for both humans and Pokemon alike, he can be incredibly, incredibly difficult to get along with. His views on Pokemon are painfully skewed thanks to his past trauma and his desires to capture all Pokemon are downright insane. He is however quite good at hiding his motives; while he may desire all wild Pokemon and all trainer owned Pokemon, he is not above disguising this in order to "get along" with others...if only to further his own ideals.

For the most part, Will is cool, calm and collected...yet highly aggressive when it comes to actually battling. His strengths clearly lay within his high intelligence, making him a very capable Pokemon battler as well as letting him create his own devices/Poke Balls which he can, once again, use to aid in his master plan. This will be expanded upon once he becomes the Engineer class. . .

As previously mentioned, Will is not above stealing other peoples' Pokemon as he feels as though he's "freeing" them from their cruel captors. This will obviously be expanded upon in much greater detail once he becomes the Snagger class. . .

Plans: Catch 'em way or another...

Starter Pokemon: Spheal

Pokemon Wishlist: Walrein, Cofagrigus, Sawsbuck, Houndoom, Magnezone, Hitmonlee


Level: 0
EXP: 0

Ability Scores:
HP: 36
Strength: 8 -2
Constitution: 9 -1
Dexterity: 14 +2
Intelligence: 14 +2
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 9 -1




Money: 3000
VPP: Sandile (Lv100@332) -+- URPG -+- Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures
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