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Default Re: Thoughts on the Sinnoh Saga

The Sinnoh saga was hugely corny, moreso than any other saga prior. It got better in the last part of the saga 'Sinnoh League Victors', but overall, I really didn't care that much for it. They really could have done a lot more with Brock, but they were obviously trying to get everyone disinterested in him by making him almost strictly a side-kick that did little in the way of battling.

The Sinnoh Pokemon, however, were rather nice. I especially liked Riolu/Lucario, Shinx, Luxray, Buizel, Glaceon, Shaymin and Infernape. I would say Gallade as well, but that was an evolution on a Hoenn Pokemon that was not Sinnoh exclusive like Leafeon or Glaceon are.
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