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Default Re: Ash's Age

That coma thing is just silly ?^.^.
The answer is most likely that like other cartoon worlds, they say time passes and have birthdays and the like, but no one ever truly ages.
Unless they do a Simpsons like effect and age him one year officially to stop people from getting up and arms about it but...
Many many very long running anime never age their characters (if you notice, none of the other cast, not even the small part characters age ether, which, putting aside any crazy coma fanfics , supports the idea that the world is one of those that doesn't base its realism on aging) and if they do age them in these sort of worlds it's normally after the fact, in a movie format (like in Tenchi) or in 'flash forward' dream like scenes (like comedies like Ranma).

All and all, time passing and the characters aging isn't the point of the plot. If it was Jessie and James would already be married and well on their way to having their 2nd baby in manga based terms :P
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