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Default Re: [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures [G]-Looking for guest stars!

Originally Posted by dimondgirlofthefuture View Post
Name: Anya
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Has a contagious kind of happy personality; like when you're around her, she could make you laugh for ten straight minutes! (exaggeration of course); makes friends easily; loves her pokemon to no end, (but not in a mary sue like fashion; those kind of people disgust me :P yuck) If she's ever sad, she tends to drag behind and kind if goes into a daze for a while
preference: She likes both, but tends to lean more towards the contests range
Trainer Title:basically just a regular trainer; but for the battle sprite (or like a sprite on a trainer card) the body style of Sinnoh gym leader Candace combined with a long-haired brunette.
Pokemon 1: Roserade; Sprintrose; Female
Pokemon 2: Ledian; Lady-An; Female
Pokemon 3: Rapidash; Striker; Male
Pokemon 4: Beautifly; Tifly; Female
Pokemon 5: Luxray; Joltiz; Male
Pokemon 6: Cherrim; Petal; female

Yeah; I've really been wanting to join this for a while. I just haven't said anything yet until the story got a little bit longer :3 Oh and do you think you could make Anya here last a while in the comics? You don't have to do the whole time, but just long enough to make her a regular character
yeah you might get to but you probably wont i already asked him that (i think) and he said no so you might and you might not
more than likely...not.
i don't know you will just have to wait for ant...
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