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Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
So you repeat my own point to me? We don't know how an animal feels even if we whip them. Just because we, as humans, see it as horrible doesn't mean an animal feels the same way.

A pig likes to eat and roll around its own feces. I don't. Should we prevent pigs from eating their own feces because we don't? No! We don't know how an animal feels when we put it through a slaughterhouse. So why assume anything?

A lion mangles its prey and even cripples it in order to capture and kill its prey look at the planet earth killing of the elephant by ganging up on it and literally clawing at it until it couldn't walk anymore. Whats the difference between us whipping some cows forward into a slaughterhouse? Bears will beat the living hell out of their prey before actually killing it. Whats your point? At least they ate their prey once they are done.

A pig whines for multiple reasons same thing with other animals and you don't know if that's a cry of ecstasy or terrible pain or something completely different. They may run because they are excited. You never know. Its not obvious because no one here has been a cow or feel what a cow feels so there is no way of telling why an animal does what it does besides the fact that it wants to survive.

So yes it's your opinion that they feel pain. And that opinion fuels your choice to follow them. I can respect that. But it is still based on assumption which makes it in no way factual until a person can literally be a cow through a slaughterhouse.
I didn't read any of your post. Just waiting for your response so I could apologize. I shouldn't be telling you why I think it's wrong as if it were fact. I'm pretty much being a hypocrite in the sense that I am trying to make you see why in my opinion it's wrong to treat them this way. Because that's what it is; my opinon. You might think it's fair for people to treat animals this way and I should not interfere with your belief.
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