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Default Re: Teachers Whom You Miss

Let's see, there's a couple.

Mrs. Hill, in sixth grade. You couldn't ask for a more understanding teacher. Looking back now, I feel bad for all the trouble we probably put her through, what with springing surprise parties in class every few weeks for no reason. Poor woman, get a message from the office, come back to chips, cookies, and soda. XD

My band directors in HS. They were definately a pair. One was quiet and very serious about music, the other loud, jumpy and just as serious about music. They could be fun though, especially Mr. Lutz. And they made those of us who actually wanted to be there into state champions that really love music.

Mr. Bookner, senior year English. He was an oddball. The football coach of all people, but he didn't slack on actually teaching. Probably cause he didn't HAVE to be there. He ran a good business before and during his time teaching. He was really more of a Literature teacher than English cause he spent so little time on grammar. We spent most of our time actually reading and discussing books more in-depth than I ever thought about. Of course, a lot of time was spent discussing whatever came up as a topic too. He was probably the best person to be a teacher.

The last would have to be my geography/meteorology professor from college, Dr. Henry. He was probably the BEST teacher I've had in college. How many other professors start the first day with a general knowledge quiz that doesn't count for anything but asks questions you never heard on a test before? The first day back from the weekend would come with the question "Who did something geologically significant?"
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