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I donít think I could ever become a vegetarian. Not to mention humans are naturally omnivores, nature expects us to eat both. And I know a few vegans, and a few of them have a very difficult time with their health.

I know, what happens in commercial slaughterhouses is pretty heartless and cruel, but the issue is the fact there are so many people, and we really waste a lot. Only eat what you really need. Eat until youíre satisfied and no longer hungry, not until youíre feeling stuffed. These all-you-can-eat rib places and buffets really make me want to puke.

Unfortunately, death and sacrifice is almost always involved with whatever you eat, whether its animals, plants, or whatnot. The key issue is to at least make it as painless as possible, and at least try to ensure everything gets used and doesnít go to waste.

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