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Default Teachers Whom You Miss

I've had a few really awesome teachers, but I'd have to say, these were a few my favorites:

Mr. Roman - Had him for two electronics classes in high school. The guy was always hilarious, extremely sarcastic, and if you've ever watched Scrubs, a LOT like a grizzly, biker version of Dr. Cox, even though everyone knew he was just kidding about his commentary in truth. Awesome guy.

Gary Kritz - Marketing Professor I had in college. Awesome and funny guy, I hope I get to take one of his classes again now that I'm back in school going for the MBA. I loved the day he showed us the recording of when he was a contestant on a game show. Totally epic.

Mr. Devore - Had him in seventh grade, and he was a really great social studies teacher. As an added bonus, every Friday the class played Trivia Pursuit, and the winning team got +5 extra credit points. You could not ask for a better Friday than that!

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