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Default Re: Peta2

I hope you realize you've just opened a can of worms. No pun intended.

However, I completely agree with the message PETA2 is trying to spread. I myself, am a Vegetarian. An ovo-lacto vegetarian, but still one. I hate animal cruelty and I hate people testing on animals. No matter how essential it is for us, I still don't like it. Of course one person won't make a difference, I still don't condone it. Heck, there are many criminals. Take one of the millions who've been sentenced to life or execution and test on them or make them into meat. They've been given that sentencing for a reason...

I would have created a thread like this years ago, but because I know how it would result; I chose not to.

The 'Free Me' video seriously made me cry. Every one of those videos you posted is the reason why I am vegetarian.

Now, please don't flame me or tell me how to live my life. Or, try to persuade me why animal testing is important. XD It's my choice.
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