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I don't think I saw a thread for this anywhere so here I go.

PETA2 is a program that is trying to help stop animal cruelity, and help influence people to become vegatarians/vegans. These people, the workers of PETA have been investigating places where they have found out about animals cruelity.
Here are some of the investigations they have done.
WARNING: This may make you cry, some are interviews, others are to show you what farmers,a dn factory workers do to animals.

The offical site for PETA2 is:
All the videos above were all made by PETA2, and the people interviewed are all people from bands that are vegatarian and/or vegan,
I made this thread to help you, people of the world be more aware of what happens to the animals that you eat and are taken into lab testings. I hope you realize the pain, suffering, and sadness that people throw away in these animals. Once again, I hope you decide to become more of a think-about-it-before-doing type of person towards animals.

If you do decide to join the help in PETA2, from what I know it is free, and when registering and asks for 'email of the person who referred you' you are welcome to put my email of

Thank you for reading this,

NOTICE: I am not trying to pursuade you to become a vegatarian/vegan. Only am I saying the truth on Animal Cruelity.
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