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Default Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters

You have probably seen the Safari Zone board lying around our lovely ASB. But what makes the Zone tick? What's our secret to aweomeness? Well, the answer is simply: Rich, paying customers! MUAHAHA! … Uhm, I mean Safari Rangers. With out Rangers, the Almia region would have be taken over by Mr. Brighton and that guy with 20 Bidoof we wouldn't be able to let ASB participants explore the rural fields, vast oceans, and massive mountains of the Safari Zone for their lives would be endangered.

Becoming a Ranger

Now, time for me to say something that's actually important. To become a Safari Ranger, first you must pass the Referee Test. Escorting eager trainers throughout the Safari Zone means that you'll have to be prepared to supervise battles between a Trainer and wild Pokemon. Next, you'll have to pass the Safari Zone's own super, mega, awesome Ranger test. If you pass this, you'll be able to show trainers one of the most beautiful things the ASB has to offer, the Safari Zone!

Since everyone that is applying is already a Referee, I don't actually have to go over how to submit the test, but for the sake of clarity, I will.
You'll write a battle scene for the following scenario. DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD. I can't stress this enough, if you do, you will be revoked of your Referee status and, quite possibly, banned from the ASB. Once you have completed the test, you will PM your answers to J_A_M_E_S.

You are quite welcome to ask any questions you may have about being a Ranger in the Question Thread, regarding status moves (duration, effect, etcetera), attack adaptations and other related things. Please, do not post them here.


If you referee at least one battle round:

$9 for the first round, $1 per scenario presented, and $4 for every round afterwards per week.

If you only present scenarios:

$9 per week


There is nothing like an incentive to give people the will to do their job or join our team. The bonuses are thus;

- 10 actions completed in a week = $10 more in the pay check
- 16 actions completed in a week = $20 more in the pay check
- 22 actions completed in a week = $30 more in the pay check
- 30 actions completed in a week “The 3m0d0ll” = $50 more in the pay check
- 50 actions completed in a week "The White Knight" = $70 more in the pay check
- 70 actions completed in a week "Get a Life." = $90 more in the pay check

In order to receive pay, you must PM links to all the rounds you have reffed that week to J_A_M_E_S before midnight, Saturday, EST. Only one PM may be sent per week. Meaning that if you mess up, you have to wait until the next week. Keep Rangerings and Reffings in separate PMs. Ranger pay will be given out on "Sunday". You shall only receive pay if you have refereed between updates.

1) Provide the first post for this Adventure:

Forest Zone
Partner: Female Alakazam with Inner Focus


Small Bag
1 Incubator
1 Healing Pack
2) A user receives an egg from the Urban Zone at the end of the adventure. Provide an example of the egg hatching.

3) A user throws a Dive Ball in the Sea against the following Pokémon:

[ F | Thick Fat ]
HP: 44
Energy: 65
Status: PRZ

The user used Honey 8 actions ago, and is using a Capture Booster for this ball. Write up the post which details the capture success or failure for this Pokémon.
Refereeing Resources
- Calculator of any sort. WolframAlpha works.
>> Compendium
>> Referee and Ranger Manual
>> Various Formulae
- Veekun, for information on what Pokémon can learn what attacks.
- Example Adventure
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