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Default Dragon's Den

-- banner credit to Saraibre Ryu.


Stairs lead you to a room, a room where you immediately walk into the centre of the room, with the spotlight shining down on you. Out of the darkness, you see several chairs, all with a shifting figure in. Here is where you pitch your ideas for a business, and see if the group in front of you will accept you or reject you…

Here at the Dragons Den, the dragons business approvers will listen to your ideas for a new business or your pleas for a disowned business. Each type of application has its own separate rules.

Starting a New Business

If you feel you have come up with a revolutionary idea, and wish to present this in the form of a business where you can make money, you must pitch your idea in this thread to the two approvers. They will then judge your business and see if it is worthy of being a PE2KASB business.

You must include in your business pitch;

- A basic overview of your idea.
- The lists of things that you will be selling.
- The rules the people who use your business must abide to.

Your request will then be considered by the business approvers. The majority (3) of the Officials must approve your business for you to be allowed to set up your new thread. Once your business has been approved, you may set up the thread. Business owners get paid $5 for each customer they have per week. Wages for Business owners will be posted here.

Rules and Procedures for Starting a New Business

1. Do not attempt to start a business if the criteria of your business are already covered elsewhere.
1a. Also, do not attempt to start a business that has no real practical use within the ASB. If it does not help the ASB progress in any way or offer any services, it is likely to be disapproved.

2. The approvers may suggest changes to your business, which are negotiable; but the changes are likely to be with more forethought and insight to the future of your business.

3. If your business is disapproved, this does not automatically mean that your idea has gone out of the window. We may have suggested changes or reasons why your business could not work; if you edit your business by these comments, you have a greater chance of getting a business approved.

4. You are permitted to have an Opening Discount. This is where for either the first 24 hours or the first five customers to your business will get up to a 50% discount of all your products.

5. You may not offer services or Pokemon at a cheaper price than an existing shop. Pokemon should not be easily obtainable from your business.

6. If you would like to start a business which involves an element of luck, please take note of these rules.

7. If you previously owned a business in the last ASB, and you'd like to get the first post back, PM Paperfairy. Also, take note of this thread.

Taking up an Old Business

During the course of the ASB, owners of businesses may leave the forums or the ASB for good. At this point, there businesses may be put up for new ownership, if they permit the use of these businesses even after they have left, if it was a new innovation.

In the first week that the business comes under administration, people can apply for the business. After that week is up, the people will be analysed to see if they could be acceptable for taking the business. If more than one person applies, the approvers will pick he/she who appears to be the best suited for the business. If no one applies within the week, the business will move onto the advertisement part of the thread, where anybody can apply at any time, and be approved for taking that business without competition, unless somebody applies at exactly the same time.

You can express your interest before you send in your application, just to let the Dragons know if you're interested. When you have sent us your application, your name will be emboldened and you are applicable to be considered for the upkeep of that business.

Please enquire about the businesses to receive information on them if you wish to obtain the business.

Rules and Procedures for Taking up an Old Business

1. Please do not copy and paste the text that was in the old threads. We will know, and paraphrasing isn’t allowed. So just take a few minutes to write up a new introduction to your thread. If we see that you are paraphrasing, you will not be able to apply for a business for a month.

2. Wait until you are approved by the Dragons before setting up the new thread. If you try to set up the new thread before you have three approvals, you will not be able to apply for a business for a month.

General Rules

1. You are allowed to employ people in your business if you need to, but they are not paid by the ASB.

2. A business owner may pass a business directly over to another user without it going through the Dragons Den. However, we must be informed of this so we can acknowledge the changeover. If we are not told, the business change over will not be accepted, and the new owner may not legally post his thread. Action may be taken if this occurs.

3. Although not a rule, please don't try and take as many businesses as you can. We like to spread the businesses around, so not everyone has all of the businesses.

4. Special offers of any sort, bar the Opening Discount, will count as an attempt to undercut the market and give yourself an unfair advantage and is therefore banned.


As a business owner, you will receive $5 for every customer that uses your business per week. You are to post in the Bank every week, with links to every transaction.

-- Originally written by Elbub.
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