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Default hidden power

so i went to the guy next to game corner and he told me all the hidden power moves i could get for my party, im using

hidden power would be
togekiss-lvl 52 [ability-hustle]{nature-timid} (dragon)
drimblim-lvl 47 [aftermath] {calm} (poison)
scizor-lvl 50 [technician] {rash} (steel)
garchomp-lvl 52[sand viel] {hardy} (psychic)
steelix- lvl 48 [sturdy] {careful} (psychic)
kindra-lvl 48 [sniper] {bashful} (ghost)

should i use my hidden power tm on any of these guys, there movesets are

togekiss-aerial ace/yawn/extrasensory/last resort
drifblim-thunder/ominous wind/baton pass/shadowball
scizor-u-turn/night slash/x-scissor/metal claw
garchomp-crunch/dragon claw/shadow claw/dig
steelix-iron tail/crunch/slam/ice fang
kingdra-surf/smokescreen/dragon dance/hydro pump