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Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
I do not think Misty's were too skimpy compared to a lot of the girls. Anyway, Ash does age. If you notice, he is slightly taller now, and is almost as tall as Brock. He is also always celebrating anniversaries about everything, so time obviously does pass. I think they keep his physical features remotely the same because he is known by the hair, the hat, the face, the eyes and it would be confusing to see him differently.

Also, he does not engage in romantic antics with any of the girls. Yeah, it would be weird if he did with the current girls. However, Misty or May would make possible candidates for any romantic events because they are around the same age. That is why I think Pearl-shipping is absolutely unbelievable and borderline incest.
Even that being so, at the beginning of the B/W series, they announced him as being 10 years old, which makes absolutely no sense. I mean considering how much he's traveled (by foot mostly), to other regions, how many leagues he's competed in and growing taller and voice changing, that announcement make 0 sense to long time fans. I think personally they're trying to completely reset Ash, personality-wise and age-wise. He seems just as immature as he did in season 1.

Also there are a few other shipping matches you've left out: Annabel the Salon Maiden (who has a crush on Ash as it is), and Pokemon-wise: Latias.
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