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Default Re: Any Cameos You Would Like To See?

You know what would be funny? We've already seen the Card Captors in a brief cameo walk-by in a previous episode when Ash was at a stand buying something. How about having Yugi Moto and/or Seto Kaiba just peruse on past in a crowd, just to make watchers do a double-take? =P

But as far as cannons go, I'd like Max to show up as a trainer and battle Ash with Ralts/Kirlia.

One thing though I can't wrap my brain around is that in Black/White, they announced Ash's age as still 10 years old! How the heck can anyone travel that many regions, on foot most of the time, compete in multiple leagues, and not have aged a single year? I think there has to be a really big mistake on the translator's or script-writer's part.
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