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Default Re: Nothing Exists

This is really just a concept of which perception is true or not.
Really our brains just comprehend where things are most likely to be when we observe them. Following quantum theory matter is a wave that is everywhere and everything all at once when it is not observed but once it is observed / perceived it snaps to the place and state it is most likely to be in. Following this, yes, our perceptions are an estimate of what is really there.

So yes our reality is based entirely on our perception. However when the mother asks you to jump back to reality she most likely means jump back to the reality that both you and her are perceived to share existence in.

The only reason why time is perceived to slow down when approaching black holes is because it is so massive any other mass near is is drawn to it at great speeds due to the attraction effect of gravity. So time slows because one is moving faster toward the massive object (the black hole). This is the same for light which is said to have no mass (yet have momentum) it isn't "stopped" or slowed down by the black whole it is just swallowed into it and cannot be reflected so that our eyes or instruments can perceive it. Which ultimately leads to its name. Its a black whole because its a whole within our perceived space a gap that our minds cannot perceive. Black refers to the dark and the dark refers to the unknown. Giving it a very proper name.

We can only imagine things and creations that we "know" so aliens that are unknown to us can only be imagined by things we know related earth. The little green lizard men are just imaginative things that our minds can only make up because its the only way we know life can exist.

So in terms of perception being true. I'd say not absolutely true but close.

(This is all coming from a mild study on the subject of quantum physics and relativity. Besides the occasional discussion of these subjects with teachers I've only really scratched the surface for both. Anyone who can clarify better than I can please do.)

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