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Default Re: Political views?

Being rather young and not well-versed in economics, I can't nearly debate on the level you two are about communism, but I think there's no question it just doesn't work. Just the fact that everyone gets equal pay and property regardless of job would make the whole thing fall to pieces; who on earth is going to be a brain surgeon if, after all that training, they're on the same level as someone in menial labor? It's counter to human interests on so many levels, really.

Anyhow, I'm one of the rare super-moderates in the world, I think. Imo, both socialism and more pure capitalism have their upsides and downsides and each work just fine as a system. Also, the Republicans are getting way too cozy with the Tea Party crazies and the Democrats prefer running away from their own state (seriously, Wisconsin dems, wtf) to doing anything anyone wants them to do; those two observations keep me right in the middle and thoroughly unassociated with anyone.

Socially liberal all the way, though.
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