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Default Nothing Exists

Nothing exists. Sounds a bit ironic doesn't it? Well, according to many top physicists and scientists, nothing really exists except matter itself. What do I mean by this? No, this is not the Matrix. No, we are not a video game, and yes, life matters.

Let's explore shall we?

Everything that we see is conceptualized in the pink mush we call the brain. Every thing we see is a model produced by the brain. For example, the fact that light doesn't actually travel in a straight line. It may appear to go straight ahead, but it acts nothing like it. Photons bounce around all the time, light bends and goes through all entrances and holes in a wall, rather than just simply beaming through one. But yet, elementary schools teach that light does actually travel in a straight line.

The Universe is getting bigger, no? It takes 1 second for light to travel 299, 792, 458 meters. However, if you think about it, if the Universe is actually expanding, it would take longer for light to travel. Yes, it does. Rather than humans actually noticing the change, we just simply conceptualize. Our brains make up for the lag, so while it seems time is not slowing down, it is. But how does time slow down? What is time, a model? Yes, however if you find yourself being yanked into a black hole, time slows down does it not? Suggesting that time is actually a physical thing. No, rather you see time for what it actually is. Light gets sucked up by black holes, so you see what the Universe is like without that light, when light slows down.

When we look at black holes in space, we cannot see one with our naked eye. Humans make a model or help us understand or grasp just what a black hole is. Black holes are invisible, and can only be stopped if it pulls in something that is more massive than itself (impossible), but we look at it as a hole, a black nothingness in space. We compare it to what a hole is on Earth.

When we think of an alien, a far off creature. Most humans would look at it as a very Earthly-based animal. Why? We compare it to something we see on our home planet when in reality, animals could be gas clouds, or specs of light that live for only a few seconds. So, is reality false? Is it all fake, or is the fake real? Is there such a thing as real? Or is the fake that we conjure up really reality? Yeah, how do yah like them apples.

What do you think? Are the scientists correct, or do you have a better theory?

And if this is true, after you spend twenty hours of WoW and your mom kicks you off and tells you to get back to reality, you can wittily reply, "Which reality?"
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